Landslide in a village

The landslide took place in xinmo village of mao county in sichuan province. A search and rescue operation is underway the group includes german, austrian and swiss citizens, are missing and the landslide forced the evacuation of several small villages in southeastern switzerland in the region of val bondasca, eight people who were there at the time of the landslide have. A rescue dog was seen taking a zipline to help stranded victims after a devastating landslide in china more than 2,500 human rescuers arrived with canine helpers in xinmo village. Beijing •at least 15 people were found dead and more than 100 remained missing hours after a massive landslide buried a mountain village in south-west china yesterday, as rescuers frantically scoured through rocks for survivors read more at straitstimescom. Tens of thousands of tons of rocks have buried a tyrolian village's only road three people have also died in switzerland following a series of separate avalanches in the alps about 130 residents of an austrian village remained trapped on wednesday after several massive landslides severed their. Indonesia - floods and landslides in east java leave 11 dead, 4,000 displaced 29 november, 2017 by richard davies in asia, news seven deaths were reported when a landslide struck in klesem village in the kebonagung sub-district of pacitan regency. At least 20 people were killed when a landslide triggered by heavy rain flattened malin village, 110 km from pune city, on wednesday morning officials said the death toll was expected to mount as at least 150 people were missing after the landslide, which struck in the early hours when most of the.

This paper has been written to study on rapid landslide occurrence at the hillside development areas, in the village of malin in pune, western india from the landslides investigations reports, it is shown that this area was affected by very strong. Lima, march 3 (xinhua) -- the peruvian government on saturday declared a state of emergency for the village of llusco in the southern department of cusco, after a landslide devastated homes, fields and highways the decree, signed by president pedro pablo kuczynski, comes after intense rains had a. Lumle, nepal - landslides triggered by torrential rain in nepal swept through villages on thursday, killing at least 30 people close to the nation's most popular trekking circuit, home ministry officials said. Heavy rains in central indonesia loosened soil and collapsed a hill, setting off a landslide that killed at least 32 villagers and left 76 others missing under piles of mud, officials have said residents of jemblung village in central java province's banjarnegara district said they heard a roaring. The death toll from the landslide has risen to 25 people with 12 others still missing, a local government said monday. At least 27 people are missing after a massive landslide, triggered by typhoon megi, hit a village in east china's zhejiang province.

Eight missing after mudslide strikes swiss village near italian border at least eight people are missing following a landslide, in an alpine valley in south. A landslide occurred at about 5:38 am local time on 24 june 2017 in diexi town, mao county, sichuan province in south-western chinait destroyed 40 homes in xinmo village and killed 10 people, with a further 73 people missing, as of 27 june a second smaller landslide at around 8:15 pm impeded rescue efforts. A landslide in a remote alpine valley in switzerland has left eight people missing, police say.

More than 100 people are now feared dead after a landslide buried a village in southern taiwan following two days of torrential rain last weekend. Fears grew for 141 people missing in china after a landslide buried their mountain village in southwestern sichuan province on saturday. Select the subjects you want to know more about within all the international subjects treated on euronewscom at least 24 people including nine children were feared dead after a devastating landslide swept through a village in southern kyrgyzstan early on saturday, officials.

Landslide in a village

Up to 62 homes destroyed by boulders after collapse of mountain side due to heavy rains in xinmo in maoxin county 24 jun 2017 19:02 gmt a desperate search for scores of survivors is under way in southwest china after a massive landslide buried a mountain village, killing at least 15 people china's.

Afghan rescuers and volunteers armed with shovels and little more than their bare hands dug through the mud saturday after a massive landslide swept through a village the day before, turning it into an earthen tomb holding hundreds of bodies, officials said the government and aid groups rushed to. Fears grew for 141 people missing in china after a landslide buried their mountain village in southwestern sichuan province on saturday, with reports that only three survivors had been pulled out of the mud and rock hours after the calamity struck the landslide swept over 46 homes as dawn broke at. Last friday, in afghanistan's mountainous northeastern province of badakhshan, an enormous landslide took place, burying much of a small village, and killing hundreds. Five months ago, on january 4th, 2010 in the remote hunza river valley of northern pakistan, a massive landslide buried the village of attabad, destroying 26 homes, killing 20 people, and damming up the hunza river as the newly-formed lake grew, authorities rushed to evacuate and supply those affected in the landslide area and upstream.

The search for more than two dozen missing people has resumed below a scarred hillside on indonesia's main island of java a day after rain triggered a landslide that swept into a village. The death toll from three days of torrential rain and landslides in sri lanka has risen to 37, with more than 150 people missing and rescuers still pulling bodies from the mud president maithripala sirisena flew to the remote slopes of the country's central hills, where landslides buried villages in kegalle district. Eight people were still missing thursday after a massive landslide swept away a mountainside in the swiss alps, ripping apart buildings and forcing the evacuation of a village the landslide, which struck on wednesday, sent mud, rocks and dirt flooding down the piz cengalo mountain into the outskirts. Hundreds of people are reported killed by a landslide in afghanistan, in a collapse that covered much of one village. Landslide sent mud, rocks and dirt flooding into village of bondo, near italian border, and forced evacuation of about 100 people.

landslide in a village A landslide triggered by heavy rains buried a village in northeastern afghanistan on friday, killing at least 350 people, according to a un official.
Landslide in a village
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